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Canyoning Perolniyoc 100.m/328.f

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A 100.m/328.f vertical canyonig a real extreme experience if you like adrenaline, One of geographical features of Cusco region are canyons, as Perolniyoc eroded by natural water courses melted from snowpeaks, made this place rarely explored, remote and rugged settings of difficult approximation tucked in the surrounding of Ollantaytambo village, becoming the perfect area for canyoning route, this activity often requires wilderness travel skills the descent assisted by ropes trough waterfalls associated with technical descents those that require rappels (abseils) and ropework, technical down-climb, technical jumps, and/or technical swims, remarking the plenty levels of difficult, heights and waterfall groups.
How to reach:
take a transportation to urbamba continue to pachar bridge 12 km of urubamaba once there cross the brigde and continue around 5 km until soqma village there you need to cross a litle bridge and climb 10 min to soqma comunity there the only way to continue is walking 2 km more to perolniyoc waterfalls.

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