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Canyoning Paullo. Kloofing - River Trekking.

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Discover the most popular location for canyoning in Cusco, located in the Sacred Valley into rugged landscapes, this is a challenge which involves 1 hour walk up through a eucaliptus forest from a small village to the top of canyon, then prepare all equipment and descent by abseil or rappel all way down through the canyon. One of the crucial and mandatory skills required for most canyoning expeditions and tours is the ability to abseil. specially on rugged enviroments and wet conditions

This part of canyon start at 3350 m and ends at 2250 m. The canyon is cut into sandstone with moderate slopes and numerous drops, spectacular sculpted rock walls, cascades and waterfalls, this low volume canyon is recommended for beginners, it has many abseils including three spectacular waterfalls as long as 35/15/25 meters / 115/50/82 ft, and two small cascades of 5 meters / 16 ft, as a time where you have to lower yourself dealing with natural obstacles.

The best season to visit this place is dry season (from april to december)
. This is a canyon not to be missed!

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