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Rock Climbing - Bouldering La Garganta

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One of The most popular crags between locals for bouldering is la Garganta, This small steep east facing crag, limestone of good quality is about 50 meters long and 10-12 meters height, surrounded by an eucalyptus forest, this wall is the perfect place to get started in rock climbing, for the variety of routes and difficulties. In addition caves and rock features in bottom for practice of traversing, and bouldering,  to develop technique and strength. Located at 25 min of Cusco city,  noted for its accessibility and proximity to the city,  There are countless beautiful limestone outcrops spread around this place.
Unfortunately this area is within the archaeological park of Sacsayhuaman and sometimes there is the possibility of meeting with the guardians of the park, they will be asked to leave immediately the archaeological park. One of the proposals of our project is trying to establish a dialogue with the ministry of culture to achieve an agreement for use and mark areas for the practice of this growing outdoor sport.
This guide on line is an updated review with the best routes to climb in la garganta.

The Updated Routes
1. 6a
2. 6b
3. 6a-6a+
4. 6a-6a+
5. 6b+-6c
6. 6b-6b+
7. 6a-6a+
8. 6b-6b+
9. 6b-6c
10. 6a-6b
How to reach
The crag can also be reached via public transportation, 30/25 min driving north from Cusco, just take “Señor del Huerto” vans on Paradero del Mercado de Rosaspata, ask driver for Huayllarcocha village, you should  reach the village then follow 10 min the trail between Huayllarcocha village and the moon temple, south direction, once there at right side you should be able to see the crag.

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