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Apu Pachatusan Mountain Scrambling

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The Pachatusan mountain has a special meaning within the Andean culture, considered an Apu or sacred mountain venerated in the region of Cusco, where people held up ceremonies, rituals and offerings since Inka`s Time until these days, this mountain is located 30 km east of the city of Cusco, and its summit reaches 4700 meters. but The mountain has 3 different summits of similar altitude formed by sandstone, the weekend we organized a scrambling to this mountain, it took us two days.

the first day by morning we left Cusco, The Scrambling route begins in the village of Huasao located over 3130 mts at 30 km east of the city. the climb goes by the north face of the mountain and it has a distance of 10 km from Huasao village to the main summit, mostly all way up, through a semi desert area covered by Andean grass, and sandstone outcrops, the village of kacllapata is located halfway, the first day we camp before sunset near the top of mountain
the second day by morning we continued and reached the summit of Pachatusan mountain over 4700 mtrs at 11 am after half an hour to enjoy spectacular scenery, we decided to return, this time all way down straight to Huasao village, we arrived there at sunset.
there is also an Inca road that goes from Huasao to the top of the mountain the road is very noticeable wide in some parts of the route.

This is a relatively easy scrambling it does not requires climbing equipment but you need a good physical condition to climb the 1570 mtrs of altitude and a distance of 20 km round trip preferably during 2 days.

This Scrambling is recommended during the dry season be carefull during the rainy season because there is danger of heavy rain,  fog, unexpected snowfall and lightning.

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