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Bouldering and Rock Climbing Routes in the Surrounding of Cusco

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Rock climbing and bouldering are growing rapidly and is wide open to exploration and new routes, there are several local climbers willing to point out established areas. Among the most well know and frequented places are the north area, the best lime stone climb area, routes have varying levels of difficulty to challenge all type of climbers, although many climbers adhere to "minimal impact" and "leave no trace" practices. Popular areas for climb and boulder are also archeological and sacred places for locals. People would prefer that climbers not climb these sacred places and have made this information well known to climbers (see advises) .The potential threat to these cultural resources has led to restrictions and shut the next climbing routes:
The Evils Balcony, La Garganta, Nomos, La Escuela.
Many non-climbers object the appearance of chalk marks, bolts and slings on visible cliffs. Since these features are small, visual impacts can be mitigated through selection of neutral rock-matching colors for equipment. Today the shut of climb routes more often is because disagreement about the appropriateness of drilling and placing permanent bolts and other anchors.

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