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Apu Picol Mountain Scrambling

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let's start defining what scrambling is, this activity is an off trail trip with the objetive of ascent  a mountain of easy acces through ridges, rocky faces etc. often snow or rock with a non technical summit, it means that it is reached without need of certain climbing equipment.

in some cases hands must be used in the ascent for keep balance. and not to hold the body weight. however  it can mean negotiating lower angle rocks  and crossing streams , dense vengatation etc.

The Apu Picol mountain is located 10 km east of cusco city, the summit reach 4400 mt / 14 ,435 ft considered a sacred shrine into the Inca culture where ancient ceremonies were performed.

the scrambling route to Apu Picol ascent by the west face of mountain, it start near to Corao village, route is easy, good for novice scramblers and consist of a gentle slope cover  by dense vegetation andean grass, with rocky seccions at summit although reach summit is easy, 

during the Rainy season bad weather conditions could be dangerous because enviroment becomes cloudy, mist can disorient scramblers very quickly, rain also become grassland  really slippery. 

Ussually summit can be reached in 2 hours, the round trip takes about 5 hours. the perfect activity for a half day excurcion.

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