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Apu Salkantay Mountain Trekking

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Apu Salkantay mountain is Immerse into the myth of ancient Andean histories, this sacred snow caped mountain (Apu) is worshipped as a deity by Andean people, the name means the wild mountain in Qechua a native Andean language of region. Located 60 km Northwest of Cusco city, into Vilcabamba Mountain Range, its summit reach 6271 m, 20,564 ft. This steep peak has a prominence of 2540 m, 8330 ft, and is the second highest in Cusco and the twelfth in Peru.
The Apu Salkantay  Trekking was consider by National Geographic Adventure Travel Magazine as the 25th best trekking in the world, Is a real challenge for walkers all around the world crossing a pass over 4600 mosl, 15,091ft, descent to mid elevation forest and cover 34 km / 21 miles. In wilderness is a perfect mix of trekking, culture and nature.
The landscape views are amazing, while you climb to the Salkantay pass and descend next to snow capped mountains of Tucarway 5910 m 19,389 ft, and Humantay 5917m 19,412 ft by Andean valleys  to the mid elevation forest with lush vegetation, orchids, vines, bromeliads, etc fauna, as  parrots, hummingbirds, etc. This trekking without doubt is a vivid experience for adventure travelers and recommended by tourist guides as the second best Trekking in Cusco.
The Apu Salkantay trekking course usually takes 5 days including the visit to Machupicchu.
To access the trail take 3 hours, from Cusco follow the road to Abancay until pass Limatambo village then take the dusty road to Mollepata and continue until  Soraypampa 3850 m, 12,631ft  where the trek start, the trekking course surround the South west face of Salkantay mountain then turn to the North until reach Sawayaco playa village 2000 m, 6561 ft the 3th day then the fourth day you should continue by car to Santa Teresa village, then to Hydroelectric power station from this point you can take the train or walk. Usually this touristic Circuit ends the fourth day at Machupicchu village, finally the fifth day you should visit Machupicchu archeological complex and return to Cusco.
You can arrange this trek with a tour agency or by yourself anyway a god physical condition is mandatory for this trek, make sure you are acclimatized to high altitude.
The best season is between April and October dry season and during the rainy season December and march depends of weather conditions, but in general be prepared to deal with cold, humid and hot conditions, during the trekking you can find many campsites and also locals sell food along the trail, make sure to have muleteers for carry your extra packs, and for the visit to Machupicchu you should reserve your entrance Ticket previously.

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  1. Salkantay trek is the alternative to the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu was recently named among the 25 best Treks in the World, by National Geographic Adventure Travel Magazine.

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