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Canyoning Huchuy Qosco 320.m/1050.f

Posted: by EFREN LOPEZ in Labels:

Huchuy Qosco canyoning is a real adventure that involves the descent of a huge deep ravine and watercourse with flowing and splashing water that may be really wet, steep cliffs inside canyon require a certain level of climb skills. climb on wet surfaces, also require specialized technical equipment such as a ropes, belay device, wetsuit, dry bags, anchors, knotting, etc However, because of the humid environment inside the canyon, some rock surfaces can be very wet and some rocks can be very loose despite appearing solid.
Deal with such wet climbing conditions has a certain level of risk. the Huchuyqosco Canyoning can be extremely dangerous and the Escape out the sides of a canyon is often impossible, and completion of the descent is the only possibility. Due to the remoteness and inaccessibility of canyon, rescue can be impossible for several hours or several days. Every year a few number of tourists and inexperienced guides get injured or need rescue and hence explorers need to take great care and preferably be accompanied by experienced guides.

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