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Nada - nada Lead and Classic climbing.

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If you are going to the next level on climbing, Nada nada is the perfect place to practice different styles of climbing as lead climbing, classical climbing, and top roping.
located in a remote place, 25 minutes walk south of the village of Huayllarcocha, crossing countryside and eucalyptus forest, this route lies in the valley of Sebollahuayco knew by common consensus of climbers as "Nada-nada". This is a north facing limestone plaque with an approximate height of 14 meters / 45 feet,  you have many options to climb.
The lead climbing route offers  average difficulty with a 6b – 6b+ graduation  and protected with 4 bolts, this is the left side route, with the difficult step  between second and third bolt. Usually the run out is for left edge.
The classic route on the same plaque, right side large crag, has a difficulty of 6a and can be convine  with the first vobt of left side route and can protected it with 2 or 3 big nuts in the crack af right side, before the final run out
The top rope route can be fixed in up in middle of routes so you can climb both
1. Nada nada 6b - 6b+ , 2 clasica 6a - 6a+.

Efren at Nada - nada end.

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