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Rappelling - Abseiling Ccorca.

Posted: by EFREN LOPEZ in Labels:

Rappelling or Abseiling is the act of lowering oneself by a controlled descent by a rope in a vertical surface. It is actually considered a climbing skill that every climber should learn or a technique instead of a sport.
Under the right conditions with a guide instructor, the use of ropework, anchors, climbing ropes and safety gear as helmet, arnes, descender, safety knots, carabiners. Is a very safe activity, and can be done by anyone in good shape (physical condition). although
Abseiling can be a dangerous activity, especially for inexperienced or unsupervised people
A good place that I recommend for the practice of rappelling close to cusco city is Ccorca village, hidden into the mountains at west area of Cusco approximately at 25 km and 45 min by car, surrounded by a rocky landscape.
The sandstone cliffs and red rock formations of Tecsecocha are perfect for the practice of rappelling, this area is a photographer's dream, and the ancient Ccorca etnic group  mural painting will amaze you with their detail and history. They visited this area from approximately 300 B.C. to 1150 A.D. most likely for hunting, food gathering and religious ceremonies.
Your visit to Ccorca should include hiking, viewing of the mural painting, and Rappelling at sandstone cliffs. The rappelling is some of the best in the area, and is great for both beginners and experienced Rappellers. You will get 2 Rappels, ranging from 60-100 mtrs that you can chose according to your skills.

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